Getting a Job: 4/4 - Summary
Application Form
Curriculum Vitae
The Interview
Application Form
  1. Preparation
    • collect your facts together
    • adopt a positive attitude
    • identify the selector's requirements

  2. Communicate effectively
    • pre-empt the thoughts of the reader
    • blow your own trumpet, without going over the top
    • make most things relevant to the job

  3. Do yourself justice
    • show positive commitment
    • use a good presentation and style
    • offer evidence of claims you make
Curriculum Vitae
  1. Contents of a good CV
    • type on white A4 paper
    • present information in the way you want
    • highlight your strengths
    • make it interesting
    • be positive and to the point
    • be selective
    • include personal details, education, qualifications, training, hobbies and interests
    • include two referees

  2. The covering letter
    • always include one
    • present it well – first impressions count
    • write directly to the person dealing with the application
    • check spelling and grammar
The Interview
  1. Before the interview
    • do some homework on the company
    • review your reasons for applying
    • write out a list of questions
    • check you travel arrangements
    • check what you want to wear

  2. The purpose of the interview
    • it gives the selector a chance to assess you
    • it gives you a chance to assess them
    • it lets you show the positive aspects of your personality

  3. First impressions
    • make a good impression right from the start
    • be open, honest and friendly
    • smile

  4. During the interview
    • illustrate your answers
    • take control
    • anticipate questions
    • put your experiences in a positive light